Lindemans Premium Distilled Red Gin - 700ml


The red gin is distilled with the same process as the clear gin.
Its bright red colour is due to the pure sour cherry juice added
to the Old Kriek Cuvée René Lindemans. This gin is double distilled
in a copper kettle and hand bottled. According to Manuel
Wouters, this gin is best experienced as a cocktail, for example
mixed with prosecco.

Tasting notes.

The fresh subtle citrus aromas in the nose are a harbinger of
the citrus fl avour in the mouth. Herbs provide a balanced gin
with some softness making it perfectly mixed with neutral tonic
waters. The specifi c, refi ned aftertaste of the cherries is also
present. This gin can be experimented with in cocktails, for
example with Prosecco summer aperitif.

700ml – 46% Vol.


World Gin Awards 2023 - Gold


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