Goyck - A Lindemans & Toots colab - 75cl


Goyck is a blend of a top fermentation beer, Toots, and a spontaneously fermented beer, Lindemans lambic. The refermentation in the bottle with the Brettanomyces gives the resulting beer a hoppy and fruity character, a rather complex flavour and unique aroma! The beer has a fine sparkle and dry, hoppy finish.

'Goyck' refers to the old spelling of the beautiful village "Gooik"... a village and beer the Pajottenland is rightfully proud of! 

Colour: Clear gold. 


Alc. 5,5% Vol.
40 kcal (100 ml)

Serve at 5-10°C

Recent awards


Brussels Beer Challenge - Gold

World Beer Awards - Country Winner & Style winner

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