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Gift Pack Lindemans Premium Distilled Clear Gin - 70cl


1x 70cl Premium Distilled Clear Gin + 2 glasses 50cl

The clear Lindemans Premium Gin is the result of an infusion of
15 well-chosen botanicals and a distillate of the delightful Old
Lindemans Kriek Cuvée René. The latter is brewed with whole
cherries, according to Belgian lambic tradition. The gin itself is
double distilled in small quantities (a batch of up to 250 litres) in a
copper cauldron or alembic. Thereafter, each bottle is fi lled with
this unique gin and corked and sealed by hand. According to gin
expert, Manuel Wouters, this gin matches perfectly with a straight
tonic, lots of ice and a grapefruit garnish.

Tasting Notes. 

Citrus notes that are the fi rst savoured while tasting this gin add
a refreshing touch. The gin is dry and the fi rst taste of citrus is
gently softened by the warm taste of cardamom seeds and the
refi ned taste of cherries. Combined with tonic, this gin creates
an explosion of fl avours while keeping the intense aftertaste of

700ml – 46% Vol.